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System Components for Automation

REX 100 - Teleservice on a DIN rail

The new REX 100 industrial routers have a compact design: Not even as big as the palm of your hand, the devices can be snapped into the control cabinet on any standard DIN rail. 

PROFINET Connector, RJ45, EasyConnect®
PROFINET Connector
 The Helmholz PROFINET connectors with it‘s quick-connect technology EasyConnect® bonds PROFINET components to a PROFINET cable with a length of up to 100m.
TB20-C, Bus Coupler EtherNet/IP
TB20 EtherNet/IP Buscoupler
The EtherNet/IP bus coupler allows access to the peripheral module data via the EtherNet/IP protocol.
TB20 ToolBox Simulation
TB20 ToolBox is a practical setup and servicing tool used to import configurations, display a system’s current status, and analyze parameter configuration and setup errors.
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